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Momčilo Vukotić was born on the May 10th 1993., in Ruma, Serbia. For the first 26 years he was living a normal life. At a check-up in January 2020, he was told that he was suffering from chronic renal failure and that the disease had already reached the third of five stages.

In July 2021, he arrived at the doctor in poor physical condition. Diagnosis was that one of his kidneys totally lost function and the other one barely works, so they immediately connected him to dialysis. From that moment, his struggle begins, and the hospital becomes his daily routine.

In order to live, he must go on dialysis three times a week, and each dialysis lasts for four hours. Only solution now is a kidney transplant.

A few weeks before his kidney lost function, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Which left only his grandfather and father as potential donors. They both passed compatibility tests in September 2021. Unfortunately, his grandfather got infected with and died to Covid in December 2021.

In March 2022 Momčilo and his father got invited for further testing at Clinical Center of Serbia for further testing. After few days in the hospital, his father was diagnosed with diabetes, which makes the transplant impossible.

Due to the awful state of organ transplantation system in our country, his only chance for a normal life is to get the transplant done in Belarus.

Operation costs are over €80,000. As our economy is as great as our health system, there is no possibility for him or his family to cover the expenses of the operation (Monthly wages here are somewhere around €400). So in the end he had to turn to people for help.

To me, Momčilo is a brother-in-law and a really wonderful uncle to my 2 months old son. He is a great guy, which anyone who knows him can confirm, and really deserves a chance for a normal life.

I created this page to try and reach out to as many people as I can. Below, I will leave all the information about Budi Human Foundation which takes care of processing and distributing donations, as well as the info about all the ways to donate.

Every donation, however small, will help. Also, if you are not able to donate, even a share would be greatly appreciated.

In the end, I want to thank everyone who donates, everyone who shares this page, and even everyone who at least took the time to read about his situation.

Thank you, it means a lot.

How to Donate

About Budi Human Foundation

Humanitarian Foundation "Budi human - Aleksandar Šapić" is established in Serbia in 2014. It offers children and adults with help problems a platform for collecting donations. At the moment there is more than 800 people reaching for help on the platform.

To get admitted to the platform it is necessary to fill in the request and send the necessary documentation by e-mail. After checking whether the future user meets the conditions, the contract is signed and from that moment the fundraising begins.

The money collected for a certain User is paid directly to the hospital or health institution that provides the service. To prevent any possible fraud, payment is made exclusively through the invoice on the due invoice. The money cannot be withdrawn or come into direct contact with by neither the user nor any other individual.

At any moment anyone can access the platform, check the progress and the amount of donations on the user's page, and also check the list of all the transactions made to the user. It is totally transparent.

"Also, due to some situations that we had in the past with humanitarian actions and donations that we had as a society in the past, through the site you will be able to see every day how much money was paid and how much is still needed. Users do not have contact with money at any time, and on the basis of submitted pro forma invoices, the collected funds are paid directly from the special sub-account of the user to the designated health institutions as service providers. All user sub-accounts are owned by the Foundation."

Text taken from budihuman.rs About page.

Here is the link to Momčilo's page on Budi Human:

Momčilo's Budi Human Page

You can use it to see his progress and also to donate, I will provide more details about it below.

How to Donate

By sending an SMS:

Unfortunately this method only works for Serbia and Switzerland.

To donate by SMS from Serbia: Enter 1268 and send an SMS to 3030

*SMS from Serbia donates 200RSD

To donate by SMS from Switzerland: Enter human1268 and send an SMS to 455

*SMS from Switzerland donates 20CHF

By bank wire transfer:

By payment to the dinar account in Serbia: 160-6000001381732-51

By payment to a foreign currency account (EUR): 160600000138166752

IBAN: RS35160600000138166752


By credit or debit card:

You can donate using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro or Dina card.

To donate you can use this link: Donate using Credit Card which will take you directly to Credit Card donation page for Momčilo or you can use the "e-Doniraj" (or "e-Donate" if it shows English version) button on his Budi Human page as shown on the image below.

Since the translation is not great even if you select English version of the website, I am providing a screenshot with translation of the important fields:

The amount of donation is set in RSD, and unfortunately there is no way to change it. The amount will be converted on payment, and the charts below can help you choose your donation amount.

For example, if you put 558 in the donation amount field, at the time of writing you would be charged $5.

By PayPal:

Next to "e-Doniraj" button on Momčilo's Budi Human page there is also a PayPal button.

As with Payment Card I will provide some translations:

Every donation will be listed on Momčilo's Budi Human page and you will be able to find it under your name (unless it is anonymous, then only amount will be shown). Also, you can check the progress of donations. When 100% is reached, donations will be closed.

Momčilo's Budi Human page Donate via Credit Card Donate via PayPal

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If you can, please donate, if not, please share the page wherever you can.

Thank you, it means a lot to us.

If you have any problem donating, feel free to contact me on my personal email pejakovicalexandar@hotmail.com and I will try to help if I can.